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What TII offers to its clients

  • Indepth technical audit of the inputs, processes, products, and systems.
  • Innovative research based engineering solutions.
  • Project implementation by training the workforce.
  •   Capability and Resources

    Highly qualified and experienced associates with many years of experience in manufacturing and consulting, quality management, research and project management.

    Qualified Associates in process simulation and optimization, resource efficiency improvement, product development and quality control. "Sustainable manufacturing" , energy management, surface engineering technologies.

    TII Associates have experience of working in many countries with different culture and political systems.

    A r e a s  o f  O p e r a t i o n s

    • Manufacturing, Quality and Process control and simulation modeling, Product development and Applications engineering
    • Advanced fabrication technologies Surface engineering.
    • Resource, Energy and Environmental Management;
    • Business & Market Development for innovative technologies.

      F i e l d s  o f  E x p e r t i s e

    • Materials Engineering and Materials Science Research;
    • Combustion and Thermal Engineering;
    • Metal Product and Process Development;
    • Failure Analysis; Technology Assessment;
    • Resource Planning;
    • Project Management.

      S e r v i c e s  o f  P r o v i d e d

    • Continuous improvement, quality and process control;
    • Sustainable manufacturing with material resources, energy and environmental management;
    • Smelting, melting & refining, rolling, processing of metal products
    • Heat treatment, furnace and combustion control, for meeting customers' specifications
    • Interactive knowledge management system for continuous improvement
    • Multi-media based interactive training for operators and supervisors in manufacturing including process & quality control. health & safety, environmental management, cleaner production
    • Surface treatment by electrospark deposition and thermal spray coating
    • Technical expert witness and technical report writing
    • Contract research and innovations
    • Market & business development

      S p e c i a l z a t i o n    

    • Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science Research;
    • Combustion and Thermal Engineering;
    • Product and Process Development, Process simulation;
    • Failure Analysis and alloy selection;
    • Surface Engineering, Thermal Spray Coating, Electrospark Deposition.
    • Computer Based Interactive Technical Training

    C o n t a c t:

    Technovations International, Inc., 198 Duck Pond Drive Groton MA 01450
    Phone: 978-842-4587
    Cell: 978-798-0320
    email: info@technovations.ws



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