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  • Technical assistance to a new plate rolling steel mill in Ohio for the procurement of steel slabs/ ingots, heating, rolling, heat-treatment and testing of products used in oil-exploration, pressure vessel and other critical equipment manufacture.
  • Technical Expert witness on Energy Management System for a zinc producer in Pennsylvania.
  • Markets development for surface engineering processes including thermal spray coating and electro-spark deposition to increase life of components used in steel, plastic & power plants and plastic extrusion processes.
  • Development of an interactive operations management system for the manufacture of ingots for high performance plates.
  • Computer based interactive training modules for manufacture and improvement of hot dip galvanizing of fabricated articles and high quality ingots for thick plate manufacture.
  • Strategic marketing and sales and marketing plans for the application of thermal spray coatings for reducing wear, oxidation and corrosion of equipment components in paper, plastics, chemical process and metal manufacturing plants.
  • Liquid spray cooling system to cool grates and rails used in sintering of zinc bearing raw material while ensuring no adverse effect on the corrosion of gas handling equipment.
  • Materials and process engineering support for an aircrafts engine plant for the evaluation of materials and vendors. Conducted failure analysis to identify the root cause for the failure of parts and non-conformance of processes for aircraft engines. Provided materials specification for parts or processes.
  • Cost effective design based on materials engineering and stress analysis to reduce chloride corrosion and fretting wear of grates and rails used in the pallets for sintering waste products containing zinc and lead. Developed a mist cooling system to reduce pallet temperature.
  • Assessment for increasing the productivity of a decarburization and annealing line for the manufacture of non-grain oriented silicon steel for a steel manufacturer in India.
  • Business development investigation for increasing the life of coal pulverizer rolls used in thermal power plants in India.
  • Materials strategy for fabricators for petro-chemical plants, power and FGD plants: selection of materials, its processing and fabrication, performance evaluation and failure analysis; proactive approach to reduce equipment failures due to material degradations and process environmental conditions.
  • Optimization of energy efficiency using process, combustion and quality control for the manufacture of superalloys used in high temperature and corrosive environments.
  • Plant wide natural gas usage and monitoring system and energy reduction programs.
  • Electric power demand system to reduce peak load requirement by improved scheduling of manufacturing units. Improved the energy efficiency of plant boiler for steam generation.
  • Market development strategy for the use of high Ni alloys especially for power plants, oil exploration and petro-chemical industry.
  • Enhanced the wear resistance of tools used in extrusion of seamless pipes using a surface alloying process.
  • Energy reduction and materials improvement program in steel plants and captive power plants by combustion control, thermal engineering, process optimization and capacity planning.
  • Process optimization and quality control systems for specialty steel plates used in boilers, pressure vessels and oil exploration.
  • Accelerated tempering of Q&T plates.
  • Process control in normalizing, annealing and stress relieving of plates.
  • Computer simulation based level II process control for annealing of stainless steel coils and plates.
  • Computer based process control for heating of slabs and ingots for rolling into plates and hot strip.
  • Feasibility studies for production facilities of a plate mill and designed a quench & temper facility for China and India.
  • Innovative applications of surface coatings based on electrospark sputtering deposition to enhance life of work holding and cutting tools.
  • Design of no-bake foundry for stainless, alloy and carbon steels .


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