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  Consulting Services

In order to stay competitive in a global economy, companies have to become more efficient in the use of their resources and reduce cost while meeting their customers expectations.

Technovations International Inc (TII) brings innovative solutions to help you.

For more information take a look at our list of consulting services or contact us.

  Technical Training

Interactive Knowledge Management System

A well trained and informed workforce is an intangible asset in addition to a well designed plant with good information system.
We can provide multi-media based interactive training for an efficient operations & management system to meet the specific needs of a manufacturing plant.
The main objective of this interactive training is to provide instructions and documentation in the areas of process, quality, & cost control, safety, health, & environment.

By giving the workforce the specific information where and when needed, delivered in the most appropriate manner, companies can improve their overall ability to monitor, know and act.

  • The KMS provides multi-media based interactive system for an efficient operations & management by designing and implementing best practices/ procedures, and management of resources including human, materials, and energy used by the company.

  • The multi-media based interactive system provides knowledge and information to enable the workforce to identify potential opportunity areas for introducing improvements in processes, products and services to improve the company's capabilities.
  • The system enables the management to introduce new and relevant technologies for the selected improvements with financial analysis.
  • The system provides instructions, information, and knowledge for best practices in operations, quality, process control, material handling, storage and dispatch, energy management, environmental controls, health & safety requirements of the plant.
  • Instructions and information are given as text, graphs, sketches, drawings, photographs, videos, animations to enhance the clarity and and depth of learning
  • The system assists in establishing a Quality Management System for ISO certifications and customer satisfaction by providing the necessary information for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and a Customer Management System.
  • The system guides the company to establish an Environmental Management System (EMS) that evaluates and addresses how the company's operations interacts with the environment as per ISO 14001 standards.

The knowledge management system is custom designed for a company and is for use of the designated members only. Please login by clicking the link below
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  Total Thermal Solutions

With rising energy cost, manufacturing operations require better solutions to manage energy intensive operations including heating and heat treatment.Through several decades of innovative research and development, Technovatins International Inc., has developed Total Thermal Solution. "Total Thermal Solutions" consist of measurement and control of the thermal regime of a system.

  Training of Workforce

Training in Operation, Quality Control and product Development

TII provides training in specific metallurgical operations such as Melting and Refining, Continuous Castng, Rolling, Heat Treatment, Combustion and Furnace operation, surface treatment including galvanizing

TII provides training in the most advanced development in steel technology and other metals products.

  Surface Engineering

Electrospark Sputtering Deposition (ESD)
Technovations can refurbish your
Grips, Blades, Chuck Jaws, etc. Your refurbished equipment will perform better than before. We can use a variety of alloys to refurbish your equipment, depending on usage.

The cost of refurbishing is less than half the cost of new equipment and our turnaround time is normally 15 days (1 week turnaround is also available).

For quotes and more information please contact us.



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