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Technovations International Inc. (TII) and its associates, have developed an interactive training system that provides specific knowledge, information, instructions, data and documentations in sound and safe manufacturing practices, quality control, scheduling and planning, waste & energy management.  

The system was developed for hot dip galvanizing plants and for a major steel plate producer. The training ensures a well-informed workforce with higher efficiency and better use of resources to meet the specific requirements of customers. 

The training develops skills in the workforce and provides information on all critical operations regarding what must be done, how it is done and why it is done. The employees know what the key goals and targets are and are able to perform their tasks efficiently. The training provides the specific information delivered in the most appropriate manner, enabling the workforce to develop better knowledge and skills. 

The main objective of this interactive training system is to ensure continuous improvement and development of good process and operations control with a documentation system that includes specific instructions in the areas of process & quality control, safety & health, environment management, and cost control. 

The system uses innovative multimedia techniques to achieve the following goals:  

1. Provide plant specific interactive instructions, standard & best operating practices, and knowledge & experience based instructions to operators, supervisors, managers and other workforce for efficient management of resources and cost control;  

2. Develop Internet based online transfer of information, data and records on targets achieved, quality control data, safety & health incidences, environmental aspects, etc. This enables the management to take quick decisions to remedy any deviations.  

3. Provide a forum to the workforce for discussion of opportunities for continuous improvement.  

4. Develop a project management basis for increasing work efficiency.  

The main features of the system are: 1) An Internet based accessible archive of the standard & best operating practices, product specifications, and technical information of the products, and 2) Internet based help to find solutions to problems  


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