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We are constantly working to improve our research and innovations services, and we keep your comments and questions in mind.

Please write to us at techovations2002@yahoo.com OR  technovationsintl@gmail.com OR info@technovations.ws. We will respond as quickly as possible.

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What is unique about TII ?

TECHNOVATIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC. (TII) , is a PERFORMANCE BASED research and innovation company. TII specializes in developing, improving and providing metallurgical and engineering solutions to enhance manufacturing efficiencies. TII focusses its effort to reduce the cost of manufacturing and enhance the value of the products manufactured at TII's customers' (Partners')facilities.

What are some of the special services offered by TII?

TII offers a service called The Resource Planning & Management Partnership. This is a low risk and high returns strategy. Innovations in better resource utilization reduces manufacturing costs and increases productivity. This provides immediate results to the bottom line of TII's Partner.
TII has developed an innovative multimedia based interactive system to provide plant specific interactive instructions, standard and best operating practices. Knowledge and experience based technical instructions enable operators, shop floor supervisors and other workforce to work more efficiently in process & quality control, maintenance, safety & health, environmental management and manage resources for better cost control. The dissemination of knowledge, information, and data ensures that the workforce is able to understand and execute the standard and best operating practices efficiently.

Why focus on resources and manufacturing efficiency?

Cost of resources represent a significant portion of the controllable costs of most organizations. More efficient resource utilization with higher efficiency has a direct and positive impact on bottom line. Resource cost reduction is an important step towards the goal of an efficient manufacturing organization.

Why should a company work with TII?

Managing an organization in a highly competitive world requires strategic alliances with expert organizations, that can focus on important issues like productivity, quality and resources. The Associates of TII have decades of experience which can be leveraged by the management of the manufacturing company.

How does Partnering with TII work?

TII begins its Partnership by setting goals which are of strategic importance to its Partner. For example, for reducing manufacturing costs with a savings in the range of 10 to 25%, TII analyzes the manufacturing processes, using its expertise in information management, statistical analysis and mathematical modeling. TII identifies various options and implements the selected management & operational strategies by undertaking projects to meet these goals.

TII addresses efficient resource utilization and savings strategies with engineering, financial, workforce development and management perspective. As the successful projects generate savings, TII gets compensated by the savings from improvements on an agreed ratio for three to five years. TII pays for some of the project expenses from its share of the savings. The result is a low risk high return strategy since TII's Partner retains all the savings after the project is complete,

What are the common elements essential for a successful Partnership program?

TII's methodology in achieving resource optimization and manufacturing cost reduction has evolved over many years, based on TII clients' diverse needs. Successful implementation requires a team approach; built on a spirit of trust, respect and sharing information to attain the goals.

What is the specific role of TII?

During the duration of project execution, the role and responsibility of TII will be:

  • Generate and provide accurate information for knowledge based decision making and accurate data to evaluate strategies for efficient resource optimization and improvements in manufacturing efficiency. TII provides real time information that enables immediate response capability to operating practices. This enables the Partnership to continuously monitor and improve manufacturing performance, reduce maintenance costs, improve quality, reduce emissions and pollution, increase component life, increase productivity and profitability.
  • TII believes that a knowledgeable and well-informed workforce is an intangible asset that enables businesses to increase efficiency and ensures better use of resources to meet the specific requirements of customers.
    TII provides training for operating and supporting staff of its Partners to meet the goals,
  • TII involves its Partner's personnel in identifying and/or developing innovative technology, applies information technology, mathematical simulation modeling, process optimization & control techniques and total quality management (TQM) methods to the critical manufacturing cost centers.

What some of Accomplishments of TII's Associates?

Following is a list of projects with substantial long-term cost reductions, which were completed by TII experts.

  • Developed novel thermal spray coating for reducing dross pick up in continuous galvanizing.
  • Developed multi-media based interactive training modules for hot dip galvanizing for International Zinc Association.
  • Introduced the concept of total thermal solutions for the management of furnaces for heating and heat treatment at Special Metals Corporation Huntington WV.
  • Introduced a computer based system for accelerated tempering of steel plates in roller hearth furnace. Lukens Inc. Coatesville PA.
  • Increased the productivity of annealing, tempering and stress relief of plates in car bottom furnaces by computer simulation and on line control . Lukens Inc., Conshohoken PA.
  • Increased the productivity of soaking pits for heating alloy and carbon steel ingots and slabs, stainless steel slabs and titanium ingots based on mathematical simulation of the heating process and metallurgical variables. Bethlehem Lukens Plate, Coatesville PA.
  • Designed and implemented a mathematical model for continuous annealing of hot rolled and cold rolled stainless strip. Integrated the models with level 1.5 control system. Washington Stainless Steel, Washington PA and L Massillon Ohio.
  • Reduced heat treatment time for tool steels by developing improved practices and incorporating the algorithms on level II process control. Lukens Inc., Conshohoken PA.
  • Developed and implemented a roll management system for a reversing rolling mill. Washington Stainless Steel, Massilon Ohio.
  • Developed a level II mathematical model for continuous annealing of stainless strip using Runge-Kutta method. Washington Stainless Steel, Washington PA and Massillon Ohio.
  • Developed and marketed innovative applications of surface coatings based on electrospark sputtering deposition to enhance life of work holding and cutting tools. Testing Laboratories and Screw Machine Shops.
  • Designed an advanced foundry for stainless, alloy and carbon steels. ABB Tool, Parwanoo, HP India.



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