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We will be pleased to provide solutions to the problems and issues through our research and experience.

TECHNOVATIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC. (TII) , is a PERFORMANCE BASED research and innovation company.

  • TII specializes in providing metallurgical and engineering solutions to enhance manufacturing efficiencies through the in-depth knowledge and experience of the Associates
  • TII focusses its effort to reduce the cost of manufacturing and enhance the value of the products by working with TII's customers' (Partners') in a team based approach

    Technical services offered by TII

    Resource Planning & Management Partnership.

  • This is a low risk and high returns strategy based on research and innovations in better resource utilization to reduce cost, add value to the products and increases productivity.
  • TII has developed an innovative multimedia based interactive training system to provide specific instructions, standard and best operating practices that enable operators, supervisors and others to work more efficiently.
  • TII has expertise in information management, statistical analysis and mathematical modeling

  • Partnering with TII

  • TII and the Partner jointly set goals of strategic importance to the Partner;
  • TII generates and provides reliable information to evaluate strategies and decision making;
  • TII identifies various options and implements the selected strategies by undertaking projects through a team consisting of the partner's workforce and TII experts
  • TII provides information on innovative technology, mathematical simulation modeling, process optimization & control and total quality management (TQM) methods.

    Please write to us at techovations2002@yahoo.com OR  technovationsintl@gmail.com



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